High Contrast / Too Many Gurus

High Contrast is loosely inspired by classical Shakespearean epilogues, where the actors would break fourth wall and apologise for any offence caused over the course of the performance. In the past I have described artistic process as turning my worst personality flaws into something positive, think of this as part confession, part provocation, part fiction.

Too Many Gurus – the internet is full of people willing to improve your life for a fee, qualified mostly by an overabundance of self-glorification. This is a salute to that particular breed of guru, middle finger fully extended.

Ugly Doris (single)

The second track to be released from the upcoming Exotic Pets EP, this is a fishsploitation boogie telling the tale of Doris, a deep ocean angler fish taken and displayed in an aquarium exhibit under the unflattering eponym.

The original inspiration for this was a flyer for a sealife centre advertising a “Nightmares of the Deep” attraction. The text encouraged visitors to come and marvel at the hideous monstrosities, which struck me as adding insult to injury to the poor creatures who were perfectly happy on the ocean bed before some asshole turned up to make them to a seaside attraction.