The Latest Drama!

4 track EP

Track by track:

1 – Laid Back and Livid

A surly rock ditty from the point of view of an old, bitter and frustrated muso. You decide how much acting was required for me to portray this particular character.

Hey, Mr. DJ! I think you stink!

Now play my music please!

No, I don’t listen to your show

You should be glad of proper songs like these.

2 – Not at All Blues

I first wrote this tune back at music college for the Great Escape Big Band, the idea was to use Miles Davis’ All Blues as a starting point and end up with something completely different. Since then I added the lyric narrative pretty much by working backwards from the title.

Don’t come to my home expecting any sympathy

I know you’re all alone, and quite frankly I think you deserve to be.

3 – Why is This Your Hill to Die On?

Mostly instrumental with a little choral recitation of the title towards the end, a jazz funk groove with a shifted meter.

4 – Cosmic Haiku

This started out as a mock haiku in my notebook (the syllable count is the only aspect of the form really observed – Matsuo Bashō, please forgive me), then gradually expanded over the years into the 8-stanza piece presented here, looped and textured in Unangelic Voices acapella.

Space, the infinite

Just wasn’t deliverering

Very much at all

It’s surprisingly

Hard to make a profit from

Enormous gas balls

High Contrast / Too Many Gurus

High Contrast is loosely inspired by classical Shakespearean epilogues, where the actors would break fourth wall and apologise for any offence caused over the course of the performance. In the past I have described artistic process as turning my worst personality flaws into something positive, think of this as part confession, part provocation, part fiction.

Too Many Gurus – the internet is full of people willing to improve your life for a fee, qualified mostly by an overabundance of self-glorification. This is a salute to that particular breed of guru, middle finger fully extended.