Songs From The Age Of Human Error by Kerry JK
Dedicated to a number of generous and selfless individuals I have known over the years who would think nothing of bending over backwards to help and be there for others, wonderful positive people who deserve permission to kick back and indulge themselves without feeling the need to apologise.

On the town every night
The life and soul of every social gathering
No time for yourself
Pleased to help, aim to please
Such noble thoughts as these to you come naturally
No time for yourself
Spread yourself so thinly, always giving more
A constant stream of people coming to your door
Make time for everybody
But never think to make time for yourself

Life’s a blast, it never ends
So many great friends and boundless energy
No time for yourself
Work all day, play all night
It’s alright, you wouldn’t want it any other way
But, now and then, find yourself.
Sample everything, retain what feels right
Taste the thrill of victory without a fight
Make time for everybody
But remember everyone includes yourself.