Really Down Day

Human:Beautiful by Kerry JK

Too tired to care. too proud to suffer fools
Keep on the periphery and don’t engage the ghouls
When everything’s a trigger you’ve got to keep within your zone
Walk in a protective bubble all the way back home
It’s nobody’s fault, I just need to be alone
Don’t try to offer help, don’t think you must atone
I just need time to heal
I want the world to stay away
Let me find my own way through my really down day

The mirror is a bully and the telephone has bite
Too hot and cold at once to sleep at all at night
There’s a devil on my shoulder, his words cut like a knife
He can stop me living, but I’m damned if he’s going to take my life
Take it one day at a time, whatever gets you through
Anyone old distraction, whatever you can do
Just keep on pushing on, always find a way
Believe tomorrow won’t be a really down day.