Quicksand Kerry (2000–2009)

Anarchic singer-songwriter and proud misfit.

2001’s “Sick Parody Of Normality” was my first solo album as Quicksand Kerry, a name which I ended up sticking with for my heavier, more anarchic projects. For Sick Parody I made a conscious effort to strip back the jazz influences in favour of a rawer electro punk sound, though the main shift in focus was that I began writing the lyrics before the music (I’d previously worked the other way around), so the music supported the attitude of the vocals. The record was synth based, though I frequently performed acoustic versions live. “I’m Smiling”, a dark jazzy talk-sung story with a singalong chorus, became my signature song.

The second album as Quicksand Kerry, “The Holodeck Will Be Society’s Last Invention”, was lost shortly after completion due to a chronic hard disk failure coupled with the harsh discovery that DVDRs were not as reliable a backup medium as I had previously thought. Some songs survived and I have toyed with the idea of recreating the rest of the album since, but as an album is so tied to your experience at a particular time I ultimately decided against it. By the time of this record, I had begun featuring guitars more and more – “Music Kept Me Sane” was my keyboards, drums and vocals combined with guitar parts and a fine solo supplied by ‘Electric’ James Martin, who I had played with in his band The Ladykillers, but after that I began playing my own guitar parts and solos.

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