New EP out now

Addictive Games is the first release in a trilogy of 5-track EPs to be released digitally in 2019 and combined into my 3rd studio CD album when all three have been released. The EPs will feature dark storytelling, strange characters and satirical comment accompanied by ‘Quicksand’ Kerry JK’s gender and genre fluid style of punk jazz art pop.

“My world is scary. Fear can be befriended, but self destruction is an addictive game”.

Addictive Games is bookended by the macabre tale of a Kentucky housewife turned murderess, the act of betrayal which prompted her act of double homicide and her reaction to the aftermath. In between are satirical musings on life, liberal anxiety and the seduction of self destruction. Bloody good fun!

Addictive Games is out now on Bandcamp now and will be rolled out to other streaming and download sites over the month of April. The other two EPs in the trilogy will be released later in 2019.

Addictive Games (EP) by Kerry JK