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If you’re a quirky artist with music you think would fit on future episodes, or if you have a story to tell as an interview subject, I especially want to hear from you!

General Feedback

Want to suggest music for a future show? Do you have an interesting story to share? Got a live event coming up you’d like me to shout out? Or maybe you just want to reach out for a friendly chat? Use this form to drop me a line!

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Artist Submissions

Are you a quirky artist with music you think would fit on future episodes? Do you have a story to tell as a possible interview subject? I want to hear from you! Make sure you tell me where I can hear your music, if you have an EPK I will ask for it after first communication.

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I don’t like filling in webforms! Why can’t you just tell me your address?
Because I can’t be doing with the spam that results from posting my e-mail on a spiderable public site. I promise that the only function of this form is to send me e-mail. No personal details are stored, you will not be subscribed to a mailing list nor will your address be sold or passed on. Apart from anything else, I’m just not that enterprising.

Can I collect performance royalities from being played on the show?
Yes, though I cannot promise riches (also not from me directly). I publish on Mixcloud, who have arrangements with the major performing rights agencies like PRS, ASCAP, BMI etc and send full cue sheets to them with each episode. If you are not yet registered with a performing rights agency, I recommend you at least consider it. See here for a detailed article on the subject with links to the various collecting societies around the world.

What if I don’t want to be interviewed?

Not a problem, just choose the relevant checkbox on the form. I will still listen to and promote your music (if I choose to) whether you talk to me or not.