About the Show

Misfit Musika explores music and eccentrica from the intersection between musical comedy, punk rock, performance art and the avant garde. The twilight zone that exists between theatrical and musical venues, occupied by strange, inventive and experimental artists who care less about chasing and maintaining celebrity than about making a statement, putting something into the world that was not there previously and creating art because not doing so simply isn’t an option.

The show is inspired by the underground history of cabaret, burlesque and DIY culture and DJs like John Peel, Dr. Demento and Tom Robinson.

Your Host, Kerry JK

Kerry Jackson-Kay has been lurking around the fringes of UK music and performance for over 25 years, in various guises (and genders – he is proudly non-binary). Cumbrian by birth, growing up on the Isle of Wight before moving to Leeds to complete a degree in jazz, at various times Kerry has appeared as an anarchic singer-songwriter, pianist and bandleader, a gothic industrialist, a juggling luchadore, a gunged diva and a singing transgender magician and escapologist (Helen Held, the Girl Can Hold). Since rebooting as Kerry JK in 2015 he has released two albums (Songs from the Age of Human Error and Human:Beautiful) and is currently halfway through releasing a trilogy of concept EPs that will combine “megazoid-like” into album number three. Kerry’s various projects (past and present) can be discovered at https://kjkmusic.co.uk .

Kerry now lives in Northampton with his wife and many cats, is a moderator and reviewer at Fresh On The Net , maintains the MABNO music advice blog and lectures in Music and Musicianship at the Echo Factory, Leicester.