Episode 02 – Irony, Thy Name Is Frank

With music by:

The Damned – Les Manteez – Barnes & Barnes – Brian Eno & David Byrne – Flo & Joan – Frank Sinatra & Count Basie – Vic Reeves – Frank Zappa – Hardcore Pong – MADI – Black Kes – Blind Idiot God & John Zorn – Amity Pax – The Divine Comedy – Was (Not Was) – Madness & Ian Dury – Prince Buster – Disorder – Tom Robinson – The Fall – The Scary Bitches – The Happy Pill Academy & Jeff Leeson

Crime and punishment, strange religion and a salute to an Ohio housewife who brought about one of music’s great ironic moments.

Click here for a Spotify playlist of the records played in this episode. Does not include tracks that are deleted, unreleased or otherwise unavailable on that platform.

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