Episode 01 – with special guest Graham Graham Beck

With music by:

Thomas Truax – John Otway & Wild Willie Barret – Frank Zappa – The Amazing Mr Smith – Spike Jones – The Whippet Beans – The Bonzo Dog Band – Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip – Alabaster DePlume – Steam Powered Giraffe – The Vega Bodegas – Kevin Coyne – Time Dilation Unit – The Toy Dolls – Maya Lavelle – The Tiger Lillies – Django Bates – Graham Graham Beck – Penguin Fury – Kingdom Come

“I am serious about my music, but not about my stage persona”

– Graham Graham Beck

The inaugural episode of Misfit Musika features an extended interview with Hull’s “Man of Many Heads” Graham Graham Beck. He discusses:

  • his beginnings as an art student alongside Eric “Wreckless Eric” Goulden and adventures in free jazz, experimental music and sound installation.
  • his experiences of the music industry in progressive bands in London in the 1980s and the birth of the Graham Graham Beck stage persona.
  • his reinvention as a surreal comedic solo performer with props and home keyboards.
  • his appearances two years running on ITV’s Britain’s Got More Talent.

Click here for a Spotify playlist of the records played in this episode. Does not include tracks that are deleted, unreleased or otherwise unavailable on that platform.

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