Soundtracks and One-offs

This is a collection of miscellaneous recordings I produced for various media and performance projects between 2002 and 2008.

The Cloud Princess

I composed this piece years ago and have used it as background music for various purposes since.  This particular version, realised entirely by midi using the Roland Juno D soundboard, was built around an anime-type imagining of a fairytale clockwork kingdom above the clouds.

The Mysterious And The Macabre

I have a lifelong interest in magic and stage illusion and in 2004 I began working on an illusion act with a dancer friend, culminating in a performance at the inaugural Theatre Tent at Hyde Park Unity Day in Leeds. Our best routine was a sword box routine we named the Needles Of Bellachina, this track was part of the incidental music for that routine. The vocal sample is of ‘Gorgeous George’ Gillette, flamboyant manager of the British masked wrestler Kendo Nagasaki. This is a nod to another of my lifelong fandoms, the world of professional wrestling.

T.M.O. – Desire Could Never Be More Satisfied

This was the theme song from a series of videos, the extended mix was so the music could be played behind longer sequences without looping. The title was inspired by a quote from Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sandman’ series of graphic novels, “Desire could never be satisfied with just one gender”.