Born out of passion so was he
Conceived accidentally
That his life was a mistake they made sure he knew
And they made him very grateful too
As he spawned into disgrace
He learned to always know his place
Never show his sorry face
Punish the sad unrighteous child.
He learned to keep well out of sight
Never question what was right
Not hear the noises in the night
And as he grew to be a lad
He was beaten whenever he was bad
Repented that he’d made them mad
Punish the sad unrighteous child.
Though it hurt he understood
They did it all for his own good
Bastions of great parenthood
And as he grew to be a teen
He learned to forget things he’d seen
Never get caught in between
Punish the sad unrighteous child.As he grew to an adult
He never held his folks at fault
Rationalised each fresh assault
‘Cause through the bruises, cuts and stings
He knew he owed them everything
All they’d sacrificed for his upbringing
And when one day he took a wife
And they in turn brought forth new life
He brought it up as best he knew:
Punish the sad unrighteous child
Punish the sad unrighteous child
Punish the sad unrighteous child.


from Songs From The Age Of Human Error, released November 7, 2015
Words and music by Kerry Jackson-Kay
Performed and produced by Kerry Jackson-Kay
Put simply, a story about an abused child.  While it is not in my nature to judge the values and parenting of others (professional safeguarding duties as a teacher aside), I am extremely grateful for the upbringing, support and relationship I enjoy with my own parents, having seen too often the terrible damage that can and does occur when those things are not there.