On Gender

I identify proudly as genderfluid and non-binary. Though biologically male, I have a very pronounced (albeit tomboyish) feminine side, and while most comfortable in femme expression I have explored enough to know that full medical transition is not my path.

I’ve had a number of female performance personae over the years, including Felicia Devile (an operatic goth), Helen Held, The Girl No Man Can Hold (a plucky Pearl White-style heroine) and Jenni Bluish, an experimental persona I used to try and develop a convincingly feminine jazz voice.  I dislike calling myself a drag performer, as what I do is more internalised and different to the cultivated aesthetic and performance style pursued by drag artists, but I had to consent to being billed as such back when all you could be was a drag queen or a transvestite (I am very glad we’ve come on since then).

I choose not to get hung up over pronouns and answer to he, she or whatever is most comfortable for whomever it may concern, taking power away from those who try to attack through deliberate misgendering. This is a matter of personal choice and respects the preferences of others to self-identify as they wish, especially when it comes to those who have to transition fully.

Mostly though my statement regarding gender is to be yourself, as yourself, in whatever  way that might mean, and respect others to do the same. There are differences between biological sexes but they are not always the ones people think of and if gender inequality and stereotyping didn’t die so bloody hard none of this would be anything like the issue it is today. I reserve the right to be blokey girl, girly bloke or whatever else I see fit at any given moment. Had I been born a girl, I would probably have dressed as a boy.