Kerry and Joanna Live at the Ivy House

Released as a cut-price “official bootleg”, this is a full solo piano & vocal set recorded at the Ivy House, London on 2nd August 2018.  Currently downloadable from Bandcamp (Flac download recommended to avoid gaps between tracks) and streamable on Soundcloud, with physical CD release coming soon. This gig was promoted by Vanishing Point, cover […]

Human:Beautiful (album, 2018)

Produced over a two year period, Human:Beautiful has been through numerous reboots and re-recordings as I worked to decide on a cohesive production sound while working through some traumatic personal issues – what I have ended up with is a sound incorporating jazz and acoustic performances with huge electronic arrangements exploring the full emotional range […]

Songs From The Age Of Human Error (album 2015)

Ten tracks (plus one bonus remix) of eclectic and eccentric jazz, blues, rock and funk.  Recorded in 2015, remastered and re-released in 2016. The digital download from Bandcamp also includes an 8-page lyric booklet in PDF format. BUY ON COMPACT DISC   Songs From The Age Of Human Error by Kerry JK

Only Robots Need To Think In Binary (EP 2017)

An electro-pop anthem for misfits and don’t-wanna-fits of all persuasions, a remix of an old favourite from Songs From The Age Of Human Error and a punk jazz poetry jam inspired by a boy racer. Available from:            Only Robots Need To Think In Binary by Kerry JK

Unangelic Voices EP (4 track EP, 2017)

Twisted acapella and vocal looping somewhere on an intersection between Bobby McFerrin and The Creatures. Available at:   Unangelic Voices EP by Kerry JK

I Am (3 track single, 2016)

An anthem of unashamed identity.  Also includes b-side (“The Possible Police”) and alternate ‘Barefaced Electro’ remix. I Am by Kerry JK

Jenni Bluish – No Fury EP (4 track EP, 2016)

Jenni Bluish was an experimental persona to develop a convincing trans-feminine jazz voice, accompanied by big band arrangements digitally realised by Jenni’s Fauxchestra. No Fury EP by Jenni Bluish

Player Versus X? – PvX (6 track EP, 2015)

My 2015 foray into industrial metal featuring heavy guitars, drums and synths, satirical lyrics and a huge, symphonic sound. Available on Compact Disc from PvX EP by Player Versus X?

Always (The True Meaning Of Faith) – Single, 2014

A spiritual soul number.  Even before I became a Christian, I’d always felt guided by something or someone much larger than myself with infinite patience and the grace to make and learn from my own mistakes. Click here for lyrics.  Always (The True Meaning Of Faith) by Kerry JK