Tales of Addictive Games & Exotic Pets (14 track album)

This album brings together material produced between 2017-2019, telling the stories of a cast of characters including an exploited angler fish, an obnoxious boy racer, a homicidal housewife, an overzealous street evangelist and many more. The album combines full band arrangements with my “Unangelic Voices” acapella vocal looping. Made up of remastered and remixed material … Read moreTales of Addictive Games & Exotic Pets (14 track album)

Music Kept Me Sane: A Retrospective

Quicksand Kerry is the name and persona I settled into during the ten year period between 1998 and 2008, a time highlighted by expressions of gender fluidity, forays into DIY performance art and gothic industrialism. This album is a compilation of music recorded in various guises during that time, remastered in 2019. 1: Quicksand Kerry … Read moreMusic Kept Me Sane: A Retrospective

Jenni Bluish And Her Fauxchestra

Cross-gender vocal jazz and faux big band. Jenni Bluish was an experimental project to develop a convincing and expressive feminine jazz voice, inspired by performers like Joey Arias.   I coupled this with original big band arrangements realised by midi instruments (Jenni’s “Fauxchestra”).  I released an EP on Bandcamp as Jenni Bluish, along with some standards … Read moreJenni Bluish And Her Fauxchestra