Kerry JK 

Proudly gender and genre fluid, subversively spiritual and really, really groovy, these are songs of identity, positivity and defiance, inspired by the eclectic funk of Prince & Thomas Dolby, the lyrical honesty of New Model Army & Tom Robinson and the musical invention of St. Vincent and David Bowie.  Imagine if Eddie Izzard formed a band with David Byrne, Herbie Hancock and Bootsie Collins, with Tim Burton painting in response to the music.

The tracks you'll get:

Let Go From The Get Go (Everybody Wants To Be Somebody) - a funk workout taken from the album "Songs From The Age Of Human Error" with jazzy piano trading licks with rocking slap bass and huge harmony vocals.
The Possible Police - the b-side from the 2016 single "I Am", featuring lush acoustic textures and atmospheric layered vocals.
Never Been Rich But I've Never Been Bored - currently not available anywhere else, this is an autobiographical blues rock jam with an uptempo groove, pounding piano and sweet guitar and synth textures.  One listener described this track as "relaxing hardcore".


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Kerry JK